Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And we are back!

Well seeing as I got no email or comment on my other post, I think I have lost all of my supporters. But that's okay, I'm going to keep blogging and maybe someone will stumble across this and be inspired to share their story or join me on my journey.
My daughter was born September 8th and is now a month old. So its time for me to get off me bum and get back on the road to weight loss. A week after my daughter was born I stepped on the scale and was 192lbs. However due to some complications after my birth and my never ending milk production problems I decided to but my weight on the back burner. Here we are a month later and now I weight 199.4lbs. (This is in the morning after I wake up so I'm sure my heaviest weight is in the 200's. Probably around 205) What a bummer! I really prayed I would never be over 200 again. But sitting and sulking will accomplish nothing at all. So what are we going to do about it?
Well set goals and get to working on them is the only solution I see.

Week 1 goal: Walk at least 30min 4 times this week & log food
30 day goal: lose 5 lbs.
Final goal: 160lbs or size 12 pants whatever comes first.

Do you have a weight loss blog? Please share, other peoples stories really inspire me.

Current weight: 199.4


  1. Hey girl, I haven't blogged in over a year! I blame ADHD :D Anyway it's not personal and I hope you're happy and healthy, no matter what your weight is. Sh!t, you just had a baby!

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